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Nobody told me it would be like this!

How it all Began:  So I went into this process thinking I was so smart.  I had done my research and I had talked to people who had adopted and I had a cousin and a childhood friend who had been adopted.  I told the adoption agency that we wanted a healthy child, I did not have the time, money, or patience for a special needs child.  I knew my limitations.  We chose to adopt internationally because a lot of the kids in foster care in the US had special needs and the potential for reunification with birth parents was not something I could handle.  I also love Central and South America and had been to several countries there.  We eventually decided Guatemala was the country we were going to adopt from.  The country fee was a bit higher than other countries but that was because the kids were in foster homes with only one other child and the foster mother could have no more than 2 of her own.  I felt that they were better taken care of than in industrialized orphanages.  I was wrong.  Well, I wasn’t wrong, I was uninformed.  Attachment disorders are a very complicated beast.

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