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Nobody Told Me it Would be Like This!

Post 2:  They asked us if we wanted a boy or a girl and we said “Surprise Us!”  I had no idea that I was in for a much bigger surprise than I had bargained for. 😁 We soon got the referral for a baby girl who was 9 months old.  The process had been such a hellish nightmare in the paperwork jungle that I asked my now ex-husband if we could get 2 now.  Like they were puppies or something,  Just letting you know that I don’t regret that decision because I feel certain that I was meant to have these 2 specific children and nothing else would feel right.  BUT, at the same time I truly regret that decision too.😊 The adoption agency, Catholic Charities, was against this decision as well and now I know why!  Anyway we went forward and soon had a referral for a bouncing baby boy who was 2 months old.  Even though they were not at least 9 months apart in age, I could not resist that adorable smile when I first saw his picture.  I was in love, twice over from 3000 miles away.  Nothing was going to stop me now.  These were my children. 

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